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Blackwater Employment Opportunities

It's not only government soldiers these days who are roaming security checkpoints in Afghanistan, or doing bomb detection in Iraq. In fact, it's hardly government soldiers at all anymore; resources are spread far too thin in these overseas locations, and the military simply can't afford to use valuable soldiers in such mundane tasks. Enter Blackwater, one of the largest private military firms in the world. Blackwater employment opportunities abound as the security and logistical requirements of the United States military progress, and now more than ever is it a good time to apply to become a modern mercenary.

Of course, as a modern mercenary, you're not going to be going out on the frontlines shooting insurgents and terrorists. No, thanks to the United Nations Mercenary Convention of 1989, public opinion has been swayed against the offensive deployment of private military contractors. Instead, Blackwater employment opportunities, specifically those involving overseas deployment, more often revolve around armed security guards, logistics personnel, guard dog handlers, and the like. The Blackwater website has a careers section that describes its contract employment opportunities: There are openings for Guard Team Supervisor, Firearms Instructor, even the aforementioned Explosive Detection Dog handler. More mundane but no less important jobs include Armorer, XPG Cook and Food Service, and XPG Facility Maintenance and Life Support. These job opportunities all require a certain amount of military and security experience and training, because personnel who take these jobs will be deployed to high-risk zones that have the potential of being compromised by enemy forces. Overseas contract jobs are risky indeed – but they also pay wall, and help support troops abroad. There are also domestic employment opportunities that are much more long-term, being described as "full-time" on the website. These cover jobs in training and security capacities at Blackwater's training centers, such as the Impact Training Center in North Carolina.

Blackwater employment opportunities are fairly substantial, pay well, and give good returns on one's resume in terms of military experience and training. The better-paying overseas jobs of course have an element of risk, but they're also more important and more fulfilling – and really, who could argue with 500 USD per day for several months, for a security guard contract? Even the ones back at home pay well and are strong points for experience. Blackwater employment opportunities are viable for any military or law enforcement men looking to work in the private sector, or simply people who want a job that isn't all about being at a desk all day.