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Blackwater Employment

With the recent rise of conflicts all across the globe came a commensurate rise in the need for security, and it isn't always possible for the proud soldiers of the military to be sent off on this kind of task. United States embassies, training centers and other similar establishments owe their ongoing protection to the proud work of various private military contractors, who send their members to perform tasks that are necessary, but for which the military simply cannot spare troops. Among the three government contractors, the largest is Blackwater – and Blackwater employment is a solid, competitive market that comes with plenty of options.

Before you even think about candidacy, you should first check if you fit the minimum requirements for Blackwater employment. Common to all positions are the requirements of being a US citizen, a high school degree or greater (some positions need, at minimum, college degrees), and prior experience in the field that is being applied for. Then, you should consider whether you want full-time employment or contractual employment. Full-time employment is mostly centered at the Impact Training Center (ITC) in Moyock, North Carolina, and example positions include Recruiter, Firearms and Tactics Instructor, and IT Technician. For many of these no military experience is required, although obviously for instructional and security positions, one must be trained, or have experience in, the necessary fields. Contractual employment, on the other hand, mostly involves overseas deployment over set timeframes to places such as Afghanistan. These usually have much higher pay, but are also more risky. There are contracts for Field Security Technician, Border Protection Law Enforcement, and even contracts for cooks at training facilities. The common requirements for contract jobs are much higher than the full-time employment ones at the ITC; all positions – yes, even the one for the cook – require military experience, a US Passport, and a certain level of security clearance.

Blackwater employment is a mixed bag of many different opportunities, with plenty of options to choose from. Due to the sensitive nature of the positions that Blackwater offers, however, it is natural that only the best and most qualified will be accepted. If you're not qualified, not well-trained, or not willing to take on serious and potentially dangerous jobs, then look somewhere else. But if you do qualify, and are willing to take a risky job that more than makes up for that with its rewards, then Blackwater employment is absolutely for you.

Last Updated: 24 January 2016.